The Alternatives to Buying a Tesla Model S

There is little doubt about the potential for the Tesla Model S. Years in development the Model S represents perhaps the ultimate in all-electric car design. Although certainly a leader in its field, there may be some competition for this vehicle in the near future.

It may seem that the Tesla Model S is alone in its unique market, a luxury saloon electrically powered vehicle with all the latest advances, great mileage and spacious interior room. However, other vehicle companies are now starting to draw up their own versions to compete with Tesla. While this may be a sign that the inherent limitations of an all-electric vehicle have been overcome, it also may be reasons why Tesla should be looking over its shoulder as well.

The Chevrolet Volt

2011_chevy_volt_officialThe Volt has certainly garnered a lot of publicity in recent years, most famously when President Obama decided to take the Volt for a test drive a few years ago. However, is the Volt really competition for the Tesla Model S?

Price Range: The Chevy Volt is generally priced far less than the Tesla Model S at roughly $40,000. However, it must be noted that the Volt was not designed as a luxury saloon model, but rather one that would compete with more economical cars.

Mileage: Although impressive for an electric vehicle, the Chevy Volt has roughly half the range of a fully charged Tesla Model S.

In many ways, it’s not really fair to compare the Tesla Model S with vehicles like the Chevy Volt that were designed for a mass audience. The Tesla Model S is for the luxury saloon vehicle market and is really up against the gasoline-powered competition. However, there is one company that has announced its new electrical version to compete with the Model S.

Cadillac ELR

Cadillac-ELRThe Cadillac ELR is similar in some ways to the Tesla Model S, although there are a few major differences.

Price: Unfortunately for those who were hoping the Cadillac ELR was less expensive, the base price is currently $76,000 which makes it roughly $5,000 more expensive than the cheapest Tesla Model S on the market.

Range: The ELR has an overall range of 300+ miles according to Cadillac. If true, then it beats out the Tesla Model S by a considerable margin. However, this is only a claim by Cadillac that is yet to be independently verified and there is another reason why it has that type of range.

The ELR is a Hybrid: The ELR uses the same battery and 1.4L gas powered engine as the Chevy Volt, making the ELR a hybrid model and not a true all-electric vehicle. However, there are advantages to the hybrid in that it can be sold in all areas of the US. For the Tesla Model S, there still needs to be enough electric refueling stations to make it truly viable all across the country.

It remains to be seen if the Cadillac ELR fully lives up to its promise, but if anything is certain the quest for more luxury-model electrical vehicles seems to be a fact.