Another new generation EV: Honda Fit EV.

It looks like the concept of EV (not just electronic vehicle, but also “environmental” vehicle) is expanding at a faster pace. Unfazed by the continuous accidents of the fellow Japanese carmaker Toyota, which had to recall millions of Prius due to the safety faults in their engines in 2010, Honda, has introduced another model of EV. It is the Honda fit EV.

Honda Fit EV is a four-door hatchback, which is designed to meet the current demand of driving. It is environmental, because it is EV with low or no carbon emissions. It is equipped with the latest FCX fuel cell electric engine, which can be operated like any other vehicle.

The interior design is also very 21st Century. It has a GPS system and a small PC, which can connect the internet. It can also facilitate the need to connect smart phones like Blackberry, Apple iphone, HTC Desire, Nokia E-Series etc. You can drive, with less hassle to get you from A to Z. Whilst you are not driving, you can use it as a personal work platform because it has all the modern gadgets you can use for work, pleasure, entertainment etc.

So, far, it is only a concept car, but Honda USA is planning to put the vehicle on the market by 2012. So, the UK and European consumers will be able to get their hands on this pioneering, and modern car, for any use you want.