Should I Buy a Tesla? Here is what to look at

There is little doubt that the Tesla Model S has generated quite a storm of publicity that features the best and potentially the worst in electrical vehicles. Given the sheer amount of promise that Tesla has built into the Model S can it possibly live up to its potential? Plus, with some of the negative press about the Tesla, are such comments overstated.

What is the Tesla Model S?

Essentially, this is a luxury, five-door saloon car designed to compete with other, similar gasoline powered versions. The luxury features, high quality materials and advanced technology make the Tesla Model S one of the most advanced vehicles on the market today.

It must be noted that the price itself should really not be considered a disadvantage since it was designed to compete in the luxury saloon market. The vehicle was not meant to be a low cost version for the general public.

Pros of buying a Tesla

photo (1)Performance: In terms of overall performance, the Model S is superb and easily a match for many similar gasoline powered vehicles. In particular, the low center of gravity makes the Model S easy to handle and features excellent performance as well.

310 Miles: The Tesla Model S can go up to 310 miles on a single charge. This makes it one of the best in terms of range for electrical vehicles. This range is accomplished by the creation of a unique electrical engine and battery pack.

Room: Because there is no transmission or exhaust tunnel, the floorboard of the Tesla Model S is flat which allows for more interior room. In fact, the interior room of the Model S is one the largest for a luxury saloon class vehicle. This means more cargo and foot space for the interior.

No “Bricking” the Battery: Basically, many types of batteries will “brick” when the energy is totally drained from them. This is called “bricking” because it leaves the battery as valuable as a brick. However, the battery packs of the Tesla Model S cannot be drained past the 5% charge point, meaning that they cannot be “bricked” and will continue to accept a recharge.

Cons of buying a Tesla

image (3)Electrical Usage: While it is true that electrical vehicles such as the Tesla Model S do not have to worry about purchasing gasoline or diesel, they do pull electricity from the home when recharging. This means that your home electrical bill will go up sharply when recharging your Model S, something that many consumers might not consider when purchasing the vehicle.

Battery Fire: All thanks to a video from Seattle showing a Tesla Model S on fire alongside a highway, questions about the safety of the battery system have come into play. While this was the first reported battery fire for the Model S and it had completed exhausted safety testing, the sight of the fire reminded many of the three Chevy Volt electrical vehicles that caught fire during testing. It must be noted that the battery storage design of the Model S prevents fires from spreading through the vehicle.

At this point, the pros certainly outweigh the cons of the Tesla Model S. The difference will be decided on the needs of consumers and their view of electrical vehicles like this one.