Charging up the Tesla Roadster in Amsterdam

IMG_20130424_122127 IMG_20130424_122140 IMG_20130424_122205 IMG_20130424_122212 IMG_20130424_122230Electricity and water can mix. Take the charging points along the canals of Amsterdam. Despite being not very car friendly, the city does provide charging points for vehicles ad evidenced by a lovely blue Tesla roadster getting charged by the canal side. Of course, you’d want to make sure that cable doesn’t go near the drink or sparks might literally go flying.

The Tesla is perhaps one of the most well known electric sports cars with phenomenal acceleration that will easily match or even better a Porsche 911 and…in relative silence too. The usual problems of finding charge points around the globe tends to prevail, but the city of Amsterdam has provided these charge points to help those with a passion for EV motoring.

It’s about more cities, especially European cities try to encourage EV’s by providing charging points for drivers.