Driving a Tesla could soon cost $0 with massive supercharger rollout.

I spend a lot of time in Europe -cover vast distance and have often had very long road trips through France, Spain, Germany and Italy. One reason that puts be off from doing it too often is the cost of gas. With doing several thousand miles on Europe’s roads in relative comfort and safety, I use a larger vehicle and that means often poor economy.

Fact is more people drive – its convenient and when you are carrying goods and lots of people make perfect economic sense. I found out from my local Tesla dealer that there is massive rollout of Tesla’s supercharge network in Europe and this got be excited enough to consider reserving the Model X and using the beast to get around Europe – for free.

Free supercharging from Tesla…coming to a Bordeaux Vinyard soon 

Tesla's proposed supercharger network in 2016.
Tesla’s proposed supercharger network in 2016.

You see from the image below what the current status of the network is and the great thing from Tesla is they show what the network will look like next year (2016) so I can gauge a level of where I’ll be able to get to and not pay. You see my aim is that if I can drive for free, I can literally explore more of Europe and never worry about spending a penny on gas. That makes me smile – a lot. In fact, I did have a dream of biking around, but now with Tesla I can relax, visit my favourite spots, knowing that I’m not forking out a single cent.

The sad thing is, it doesn’t look like the UK is going to receive any stations – which is going to mean the UK will be tricky, particularly living a distance from the supercharge stations – yes – I know I can powerup at home, but there is nothing like the idea of getting your juice for free.