Electric Car maker Tesla comes to Westfield Shopping Centre

Tesla Motors has just opened their first retail design store at the Westfield Shopping Centre in White City, making it the first in the UK. This new design store will emphasize the Tesla Model S version, feature many interactive displays and allow people to design their own Model S vehicle. In addition, the store will also have the history and valuable information about Tesla, the awards they have garnered and the design of the unique electrical motor that powers the vehicle.

The special opening event was highlighted by Elon Musk, the co-founder and current CEO of Tesla Motors. Musk announced that this was the first of many design stores to come around the UK with the hopes of covering the entire country by the end of the following year. He also expected the first Model S with right hand drive to be released in March, 2014.

What is the Tesla Model S?

Tesla Model S UK The Model S is the first premium “Saloon” type car to be designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle. The emphasis is on presenting the highest quality materials combined with the latest advances in technology to provide the best five-door saloon electric vehicle on the market today. The Model S is built to compete with the best motorized saloon vehicles on the road and offers many unique features.

Perhaps the most impressive part about the Model is not just the powerful electric engine, but the fact that there is no exhaust or transmission tunnel, the interior space has been expanded. This means more foot and cargo room inside the vehicle.

The range of the Tesla Model S is a highly respectable 310 miles off of a single charge. There are two battery options presented as well, giving consumers choices about their needs in terms of what the Tesla Model S offers. The fact that the battery sits on the floor of the engine compartment means that the Model S has a lower center of gravity which means better, overall handling. The emphasis of the Model S is in creating a powerful electrical version of the Tesla Roadster which also garnered many awards.

The Future of the Model S

image (3)With an initial price of £49,900, the Model S is well suited for the luxury saloon market. In addition, there are many benefits to using an electrical vehicle over a petrol-powered one which makes the total cost over a five year period less than many conventional models. This includes the many tax breaks offered by the UK government for purchasing an electrical vehicle.

The benefits of owning a Tesla Model S are certainly impressive, especially when combined with the overall performance of the vehicle. For those who are in the market of luxury saloon vehicles, the Tesla Model S offers many advantages, including the ability to put in your own design options at the new Westfield Shopping Centre location. The Tesla Model S represents the future of auto-engineering in the electrical car market.