Here is a collection of some comments about why EV cars are a big FAIL?

Other than to squeeze the tax payer, what exactly is the point of all this? Will electric cars save CO2 emissions? No. Is there, anyway, any need to do so? No. Can the dismal limitations of electric vehicles be effectively overcome? No.
Will their range between charges increase to anything approaching that of petrol, let alone deisel, powered vehicles? No. Can anything be done to preserve even that inferior performance, especially in cold weather? No. Can anything be done to speed up charging rates to minutes not hours? No. Can anything be done to assuage the dire consequences for the environment from the discard of batteries? No. Can anything be done about the inconvenient fact that basic raw materials for battery manufacture are controlled by China, in particular? No. Will they be cheaper to buy and to maintain? No. Can a second hand market be created for discarded vehicles? No.

Apart from a pleasing (but possibly dangerous) silence, do electric vehicles have anything whatever to recommend them?


Battery powered cars are a loser technology just like windmills are for power generation – and should be reserved for milk floats.

Man made CO2 climate change is the biggest fraud since fiat debt based fractional reserve banking – and not surprising since both frauds come from the same stable and are designed to fleece the poor for the benefit of rich bankers.

The points made by rw above are all valid.

The best thing car manufactures can do is to make the engines more efficient at burning conventional fuels – until battery technology reaches the same energy to weight density as conventional liquid fuels.