Japan Earthquake

The recent earthquake is one of those tragedies that really does make you question life. Its a terrible loss of life with many caught up in horrific circumstances at the mercy of mother nature.

We are beginning to see the failure of nuclear power stations which Japan uses for much power generation. The question is now what? So far there has not been a major failure of the nuclear plants. However the widespread repercussions are being felt in the nuclear industry…will it suffer low investment now?

One of the great advantages of ev vehicles is the ability to generate power from a variety of sources and nuclear is one of them. Nuclear being, on the whole clean and safe. So what can we do? We must realise that EV democratizes power generation, whether solar, wind, thermal, oil or nuclear and that it presents choice for the consumer and it must be supported.

Our thoughts right now are with the Japanese who are fighting this almighty catastrophy.