Taiwan Thunder to whip up Tesla into a storm

The competition for Telsa Motors keeps on building. We’ve seen competition from Porsche and it’s Mission-E and even from from China in the form of NextEV. Now a new threat emerges, this time, from Taiwan. The Thunder is a Tesla eating sedan from Taiwan.

thunderThunder emanates from a power tool company (Original at least). The numbers suggest there are two flavours: 308 or 429 horsepower with a range of 400 miles. Charging for 30 mins can apparently deliver almost 200 miles of driving. Standard for EV motors, the top speed is over 150mph and acceleration is pretty rapid – doing 0 to 60mph in under 4 seconds. This is all theoretical and the car is not in production, but could reach production in a couple of years.

The grill of the machine does look different. It looks like a cross between a Tesla S and a Jaguar coupe.