Tesla goes solar?

Tesla is on the cusp of making its offering solar – no, not the cars. I don’t think we’ll see Elon Musk adding solar panels to vehicles themselves anytime soon, however his plan is to integrate the company Solar City into the Tesla family.

Solar city is familiar to many in the US as the company provides solar installation on the roof of homes, businesses and commercial real estate. However nothing particularly exciting these days and solar panels are far from sexy – just look at the demise of Solar companies such as Solyndra. However Solar City is working on a new roof that works as a photovoltaic surface and Tesla wants to vertically integrate his business so that consumers can go from generating their electricity on their roof to storage and then consumption through one of Tesla’s vehicles.elon-musk_0

Tesla might just be the sex appeal that the solar industry needs right now. It seems the consumer is pretty bored of the green offering and now Mr Trump is elected president of the United States, we can safely say that green companies must do more to be attractive commercially to be able to survive in a zero subsidy world.