The Bulli EV from Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s answer to the EV market: The Bulli EV

If any one of you out there who is old enough to remember the old and iconic VW Beetle, then you should remember another iconic vehicle, the Bulli. Anyone who use to watch Scoopy Doo will remember the multi-functional Bulli, which can be used not just for transport, but also for a radar station, a laboratory, a sleeping cabin etc.

OK, maybe a laboratory is a bit far-fetched, but in this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the experienced and transformational German car manufacturer after Benz and BMW, has introduced their new EV, the Bulli EV.

This new Bulli is definitely not a “bully” to the environment. VW has certainly jumped the trendy EV bandwagon. This 2011 version of Bulli is of coursed equipped with electronic engines, which produces zero emissions. Zero emissions! How good is that?! The engine can contain 85 kilowatts of power and it can be recharged within an hour.

Also, in terms of it exterior design, it is modern and smooth. In a way, it has kept some old features of the old Bulli but has added on some new features, which symbolises the generational change of the vehicle. And guess what, it is getting younger and younger, after 60 years.

As to the interior design, like Honda Fit EV, it has a working platform, which can fit laptops, and smart phones. It can even fit ipad as well. Even better than Honda Fit EV, it has Bluetooth connection and a touch-screen system, which is called “infotainment”. You can work and play, and entertain whenever and wherever, if you have more than 5 people in this vehicle, or if it is only you and you are not driving.

This Bulli is indeed not a “bully”, but an “environmentally-friendly”, ecologically-friendly”, and “humanity-friendly”. Driving and travelling are not just about driving and travelling, and it is indeed not just about transport, it is also about enjoyment. As what its “infotainment” system, it is multifunctional. I wonder whether the new Beetle can have a similar feature?