The Top 3 Petrol to Electric Car Conversion Kits

For those who have a secondary vehicle they use for short range commuting, you can convert them to electricity by using a conversion kit. These conversion kits are relatively straightforward to use, somewhat simple to understand and often include most, if not all the parts needed to make the conversion.

The more skill you have at auto repair, the better off you will be. However, you can always have a professional do the work if you feel rather unqualified for that task. Of course, with the several conversion kits that are available, it is best to find the right one to use on your vehicle.

What follows are three of the best petrol or gas to electric car conversion kits. Each of them have a number of items in common, but they all will have your car converted over quickly and easily to electricity. Plus, all of these products have excellent customer service that can answer your questions quickly and they come with a money-back guarantee.


This one benefits from being very simple and intuitive in terms of explaining step-by-step how to make the conversion. Additional pluses for this particular kit are that they include extra fuses and wires to help make the conversion go faster.

  • Simple Instructions to get up to 200 miles per charge
  • Covers a wide range of both cars and trucks
  • All parts are included in the kit
  • Tested on many different types of vehicles.

There is even information that allows you to find many of the parts needed on your own as well. This is a remarkable value for a conversion product.


Another simple, straightforward guide to converting your vehicle over to electricity, this version allowed for vehicles to reach up to 120 miles on a single charge. For city driving, this makes for the perfect commuter vehicle. What makes this product exceptional is the additional information that is found inside.

  • Energy saving tips for your home
  • How to get paid to drive
  • How to make bio-diesel fuel
  • How to live green and reduce your carbon footprint

You can assemble all the parts needed for a low amount of money and make the conversion yourself or hire a professional. Either way, this is wonderful petrol to electricity conversion kit.


Relatively cheaper than the other two, this one is also a good, simple, straightforward instructional guide to converting your gas motor. The results however were slightly less than the other two conversion kits as you get up to 100 miles per charge, which is still pretty good all things considered.

  • Video instructions
  • Easy step by step guide
  • Relatively inexpensive

petrolIt works very well for most small cars and trucks, so this product works very well for them.

All in all, these are three exceptional petrol or gas to electricity conversion kits that you can use on many different types of vehicles. For those who are looking to save money, this is a relatively simple and straightforward way to do so.