Two electric car movies you must watch now charting EV development

gm-ev1-01Perhaps one of my all time favourite movies is one named “who killed the electric car” which as its star of the show is General Motors EV-1. The documentary explains how GM created a wonderfully popular all electric plug in car which had no internal combustion engine and relied on the grid. But something odd happened: GM would not sell these cars, only leasing them. It then recalled all cars and had them crushed to the horror of drivers and lessee users. The film highlights how it might have been the oil industry behind the recall move.

The second movie is aptly named: “revenge of the electric car” which focussed on GMs return to electric cars and one of the new players into the market: Tesla motors run by the entrepreneur Elon Musk. We see what a difference half a decade makes in the fate of the electric car and we know that its inevitable rise is here to stay.

Both are great films and can be watched back to back, but still my favourite film for its gritty impact is “who killed the electric car”. But the later film gives a much more upbeat message about the future of electric cars.