Will President Trump derail green energy companies such as Tesla, SolarCity and First Solar?

The first full day of the Trump presidency is upon us. Lets see what it has done for the green industry. Since the election was announced since the 9th of November 2016, Tesla stock has tanked 2.5% although it was down almost 4%. Solarcity (proposed to merge with Tesla) has fared less well with a 4% decline but had lost around 8% during the first day of trading since the election result. First Solar also lost around 4%. In contrast, Caterpillar, which could be described as less then green, saw its shares go up around 7%.

Solar Stocks - didn't tank when Trump came to power.
Solar Stocks – didn’t tank when Trump came to power.

I have to say that I am impressed. I was expecting up to a 20% loss on Tesla if Trump came to power. As the world is getting over the shock of the Trump presidency it seems there is now more calm on the international stock markets including those of the energy companies. Personally, Trump is probably great for businesses – particularly US businesses and he can do more to ensure that US businesses fight against their Chinese competitors who are often accused of dumping cheap products at a loss onto the market – especially solar panels.

trumpIn summary Trump is going to be great for US domestic economy and even Green energy stocks! He will probably do more to promote US technologies and companies then just about anyone and so much more then Clinton ever would do. Its great that we have an entrepreneur in charge of one of the worlds most important markets.