Will the VW diesel scandal kill off diesel motors as the last hold on mpg?

Volkswagen, one of the worlds largest producers of cars is embroiled in one of the biggest scandals to hit the auto sector in years. It lied about its diesel emissions and fraudulent cheated the emission regulation by using software to sell diesel vehicles in the US.

Why Volkswagen cheated? Diesel is dead.

Diesel is simply dirty. As environmental regulations become stiffer, its been tougher (read: uneconomic) to make diesel pass legislation. That means companies like VW have needed to squeeze as much as possible out of their heavy investments in diesel.

Diesel is an end-of-life technology

Best to come clean here – I’m not a fan of diesel and have never have been. Diesel is dirty with a horrible emissions record. Yes the fuel might be cheaper than standard gas and you may get greater mileage, it remains a dirty killer.

VW and other manufacturers would have immense trouble in selling their large popular models if they ran on standard gas – it would simply just be too expensive for owners to run them. So again, the world has been lied to that its OK to run around in  large SUV because it runs on clean diesel.

Beyond Diesel

VolkswagenThe world wants larger cars. Clearly diesel is not the answer – not at the cost point that consumers want. This leads directly into EV’s. Diesel could be made clean, but the systems such as ammonia extraction and exhaust recirculation are expensive for the consumer and don’t necessarily deliver decent vehicle performance.

The only option for large vehicles is electric power.

The advent of the Model X from Tesla which is an SUV will likely demonstrate the demand for larger electric vehicles. Any nudge or push which gets the consumer out of the diesel habit has to be a very good thing for both the humans and the environment.